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a place in a building enclosed and set apart for occupancy or for the performance of certain procedures.
birthing room a hospital room that is utilized for labor and delivery. It is decorated in a homelike, comfortable fashion and contains a specially equipped bed that can be adjusted for delivery. Specialized equipment is often concealed.
emergency room popular term for emergency department.
labor, delivery, recovery room a birthing room or suite so equipped that a patient can remain in the same room throughout the birthing experience.
labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum room a birthing room or suite so equipped that a patient can remain in the same room throughout the birthing experience and into the postpartum period.
operating room one especially equipped for the performance of surgical operations.


(rldbomacm) a place in a building, enclosed and set apart for occupancy or for performance of certain procedures.
operating room  one especially equipped for the performance of surgical operations.
recovery room  a hospital unit adjoining operating or delivery rooms, with special equipment and personnel for the care of patients immediately after operation or childbirth.


An area or space in a building, partitioned off for occupancy or available for specific procedures.

anechoic room

A room in which the boundaries are made so that all sound produced in the room is absorbed, i.e., is not reflected.

birthing room

A room in which an obstetrical mother may be placed during the first stage of labor.
Synonym: labor room

clean room

A controlled environment facility in which all incoming air passes through a filter capable of removing 99.97% of all particles 0.3µ m and larger. The temperature, pressure, and humidity in the room are controlled. Clean rooms are used in research and in controlling infections, esp. for persons who may not have normally functioning immune systems (e.g., individuals who have been treated with immunosuppressive drugs in preparation for organ transplantation).

In very rare instances a child is born without the ability to develop an immune system. Such children are kept in a clean room while waiting for specific therapy such as bone marrow transplantation.

delivery room

A room to which an obstetrical patient may be taken for childbirth.

dust-free room

A type of room designed to eliminate or reduce circulating particulate matter, including airborne microorganisms. This kind of room is useful for housing burn patients, removing allergens from the air, providing an environment for transplantation surgery, and preparing drugs and solutions for intravenous use.

labor room

Birthing room.

operating room

A room used and equipped for surgical procedures (e.g., in a hospital, surgicenter, or doctor's office).

pharmaceutical clean room

A controlled, typically aseptic environment within a pharmacy in which the concentration of airborne particles is reduced by particle filtration and by air locks or positive pressure ventilation and in which surfaces are easily cleaned or decontaminated. It is used to compound sterile drugs and infusions for dispensing. Operators within the clean room wear gowns, hoods, and masks to avoid shedding cellular debris.

recovery room

An area provided with equipment and nurses needed to care for immediately postoperative patients.

Patient care

Patients remain there until they regain consciousness, are no longer drowsy and stuporous from the effects of the anesthesia, and have stable vital signs. Patients who are being discharged from a short stay recovery area should also be able to tolerate oral fluids and void without difficulty.


a place in a building enclosed and set apart for occupancy or for the performance of certain procedures.

operating room
one especially equipped for the performance of surgical operations. Called also operating theater.
recovery room
a hospital unit adjoining operating rooms, with special provisions for the care of animals recovering from surgery. For large animals, it must be designed and equipped to minimize the risk of injury to the animal as it regains consciousness and returns to its feet, while permitting close, but safe, supervision by nursing staff. Closed circuit television is commonly utilized for this purpose.
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