room temperature

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room tem·per·a·ture (RT, rt),

the ordinary temperature (approximately 65°F-80°F, 18.3°C-26.7°C) of the atmosphere in the laboratory; a culture kept at room temperature is one kept in the laboratory, not in an incubator.
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room tem·per·a·ture

(rūm tempĕr-ă-chŭr)
Ordinary temperature (approximately 65°F-80°F, 18.3°C-26.7°C) of the atmosphere in the laboratory.
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room temperature

The temperature between 65° and 80°F (18.3° and 26.7°C).
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Even sitting in the centrifuge too long will allow the sample to reach room temperature, Dr.
THCCOOH increased in the low and high blood pools during 1 week at room temperature (T = -53 and -43) and in the low pools after >4 weeks of storage at 4[degrees]C([chi square] = 13.9, df = 5).
This is the first time that strong nuclear spin polarisation of a defect atom in a solid is demonstrated at room temperature by spin-polarised conduction electrons.
Each culture (1.8 ml) was added to a 2 ml collection tube and centrifuged [Eppendorf model 5424] at 12 000 rpm for 30 sec at room temperature to collect bacterial cells or biosolids.
Animal products like butter, lard, whole milk and meat are high in saturated fats, which are solid and waxy at room temperature.
Add cheeks and cream, simmer five minutes and let cool at room temperature. Brush plantain slices with clarified butter, season with salt and pepper and place small amount of cheek mixture on plantains.
Optimizing the design and fabrication of the room temperature transistor laser will help lead to the big payoff by resulting in higher speed laser operation and improved performance.
When the tray is loaded, again press the tip of the spatula through the material to remove air bubbles, and smooth the surface with room temperature water.
Postoperatively, care was taken to maintain the ambient room temperature at more than 78[degrees] F, and the patient experienced no further complications.
On January 15, 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a form of Betaseron (interferon beta1 b) that can be kept at room temperature. Avonex and Rebif (both interferon beta-1a) should be refrigerated, but can be stored at 77[degrees] Fahrenheit for up to 30 days.
Shake the room temperature water vigorously for 10 seconds.