room temperature

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room tem·per·a·ture (RT, rt),

the ordinary temperature (approximately 65°F-80°F, 18.3°C-26.7°C) of the atmosphere in the laboratory; a culture kept at room temperature is one kept in the laboratory, not in an incubator.

room temperature

Etymology: AS, rum + L, temperatura
the air temperature as measured in a specific part of a room.

room tem·per·a·ture

(rūm tempĕr-ă-chŭr)
Ordinary temperature (approximately 65°F-80°F, 18.3°C-26.7°C) of the atmosphere in the laboratory.

room temperature

The temperature between 65° and 80°F (18.3° and 26.7°C).
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Figure 7 shows the full tensile set data on PHO crystallized for approximately three weeks at room temperature.
In addition, the initial high cell densities of the PICM-19H cell cultures were maintained throughout the six day room temperature period.
Combined with liquid MDI systems, it provides the only two component room temperature processible polyurea system available.
Don't leave perishable foods at room temperature for more than two hours on the big day.
At room temperature Alcryn can be bonded to PVC with commercial PVC pipe cement at room temperature, using the following procedure:
The new room temperature storage guidelines for Gamunex(R) provide additional convenience for all healthcare providers by eliminating confusing storage calculations and reducing the need for refrigerated storage space," said Dr.
Set aside at room temperature to cool to 70 degrees F.
At room temperature, "the fluorine groups will fend off the surface, and you get very low stick," says Wool.
One is Ashland's VPC (vapor permeation curing) system, in which the coatings are cured at room temperature in a chamber filled with catalyst vapor (PT, Sept.
New Experiments to Study Factors That May Extend the Time Liver Cells Remain Functional at Room Temperature, Potentially Improving Long Distance Transport and Allowing for Faster Utilization in Clinical or Hospital Setting
Remove crust from oven and cool to room temperature.
To improve the device's characteristics, the researchers say they are changing the materials from which it is made so that it can work at room temperature instead of the frigid 100 kelvins necessary now.