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A type of ear piercings worn in the ridges in the auricular concha
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Winkle responded with a forced smile, and took up the spare gun with an expression of countenance which a metaphysical rook, impressed with a foreboding of his approaching death by violence, may be supposed to assume.
"No, I am wounded and the horse is killed." Rook tried to rise on his forelegs but fell back, pinning his rider's leg.
"Dickon brought his fox and his rook and I was going to tell you all about them.
Rooks tend to spend much of the year together in a flock, forming a large colony of nests at the very top of high trees in the breeding season.
If people go on killing birds at the present rate our country would soon become a rookery without rooks. Some people name their homes as rookery but where there are no rooks though once there resided rooks in large numbers.
A French theme park has trained six rooks to pick up cigarette butts and other rubbish dropped by visitors in return for food.
Despite doing their best to conceal their rumored romance, Jesse Williams and sports journalist Taylor Rooks turned a lot of heads when they stepped out together earlier this week to have a good time at a strip club.
KING OF ROOKS was my pre-meeting banker before it became every one's banker.
But for those who hadn't yet developed that "one thing," keynote speaker John Rooks, of The SOAP Group in Portland, Maine, stressed the importance of involving employees in creating sustainable initiatives.
But the focus of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) study this time around is rooks - a member of the crow family far more likely to be found on farmland than in our shrubberies.
The intelligence of rooks is the subject of a new study Picture: DEREK MOORE WHICH is the cleverest bird?
Rook theory is the study of the numbers [r.sub.k](B), which count the number of ways to place k non-attacking rooks on a board B.