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Wilhelm Conrad (1845–1923). German physicist, born at Lennep (Rheinland). For his discovery of x-rays while experimenting with a cathode-ray tube in 1895, he received the first Nobel prize for physics in 1901.


Wilhelm K., German physicist and Nobel laureate, 1845-1923. Discovered x-rays in November, 1895; awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 for his discovery. See: roentgen, roentgen ray.

roent·gen (R, r),

(rĕnt'gĕn, rent'chen),
The international unit of exposure dose for x-rays or gamma rays; that quantity of radiation that will produce, in 1 cc or 0.001293 g of air at STP, 2.08 × 109 ions of both signs, each totaling 1 electrostatic unit (esu) of charge; in the MKS system this is 2.58 × 10-4 coulombs per kg of air.
[Wilhelm K. Roentgen]


(rĕnt′gən, -jən, rŭnt′-)
Variant of roentgen.


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Born to a German father and a Dutch mother, Rontgen attended high school in Utrecht, Netherlands but in 1865, he was expelled when one of his teachers inter-cepted a caricature.
Arastirmaya katilan ve diger saglik personeli basliginda toplanan eczaci, laborant, rontgen teknisyeni gibi saglik personel gruplarinin temsil duzeydeki yetersizlik ve olcek gelistirme surecinin guvenilirlik calismalari kapsaminda test-tekrar test uygulamasinin yapilmamasi arastirmanin diger sinirliliklaridir.
El descubrimiento reciente de los rayos Rontgen, tan increible y tan extrano en si en su origen, deberia convencernos de la exigua pequenez del campo de nuestras observaciones habituales.
1895: Willhelm Rontgen made the first radiograph, or X-ray - of his wife's hand.
A snowwhite rontgen shows him the truth, the body the things re-entered into one and the same carcass.
FEAST DAY OF ST WILLEHAD OF BREMEN 1895: Wilhelm Rontgen discovered X-rays during an experiment at the University of Wurzburg.
29' 21" Librations Rontgen (crater) October 3 Jansky (crater) October 14 Malapert (crater) October 20 Rook Mountains October 27
Beyin ve omuriligi goruntuleme tekniklerinin gelisimi rontgen isinin kesfini izleyerek kranyografi ile 1900' lerin baslarinda baslamistir.
Certainly, the enthusiasm for the X-ray, discovered in 1895 by Rontgen, helped push Beard's treatment into the background.
If you look at current imaging technology, technically very little has changed since Wilhelm Rontgen discovered X-rays more than 100 years ago," said Otto Zhou, a materials scientist at the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill.
Rontgen went on to pioneer the medical applications of X-rays for which they were still best known today.
Olgularin demografik ozellikleri, klinik tani ve solunumsal bulgulari, arteriyel kan gaz analizleri, gogus fizyoterapi programina baslanmadan onceki ve fizyoterapi programi sonlandirildiktan sonraki klinik ve rontgen bulgulan degerlendirildi.