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Paul H., German bacteriologist, 1876-1916. See: Römer test.
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"In Frankfort at the Romer was a great mask-ball, at the coronation festival, and in the illuminated saloon, the clanging music invited to dance, and splendidly appeared the rich toilets and charms of the ladies, and the festively costumed Princes and Knights.
CSCL received multiple consumer complaints from several of Romers customers alleging that they had provided him with funds to invest on their behalf, but that he stopped taking their calls, and failed to account for their funds.
Romer included engaging in an act, practice, or course of business that operated as a fraud on others in connection with the offer or sale of securities; being subject to an order by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA); and engaging in dishonest and unethical practices in the securities industry.
The Newcastle Brown Ale and East stands also use a JBL speaker system specially-designed by Romers and JBL.
The work is being done by Romers Electronics of Blackburn which specialises in sound systems.
Christina Romer is currendy the Class of 1957 Professor of Economics at the University of California at Berkeley.