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v turning the client's limbs over so that the muscle tissue is mobilized and warmed, thus resulting in increased circulation.


involuntary rolling in animals; an important sign of abdominal pain or of disease of the vestibular apparatus. In the latter it is accompanied by persistent head rotation. Passive rolling is a therapeutic manipulation for the correction of torsion of the uterus in mares and cows. The animal is cast, laid on its back and swung sharply from side to side, sometimes with one hand in the rectum attempting to retard any movement of the fetus. The objective is to rotate the dam's body around an immobilized fetus and uterus.

rolling average
see moving average.
rolling disease
a nervous system disease of mice caused by Mycoplasma neurolyticum.
rolling mean
see moving average.
rolling skin syndrome
see idiopathic hyperesthesia syndrome.

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Q. What roll does the sun have in causing cancer

A. Hi again:

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Rollings convincingly disproves this argument both in part one and in part two.
GRIM: Officer takes away bags of evidence from the flats yesterday' PROBE: Police van at stabbing scene' GUARD: Woman cop at death flats' SAD: Chief Supt Rollings
Rollings asserts that traditional aboriginal religion was reconfigured and practiced in new ways.
Rollings attributes much of this resourcefulness to the beautiful and effective paired concepts of "Ga-ni-tha" and "moving to a new country," core cultural concepts with deep roots in Osage oral tradition and social structure.
Voluntary benefits are often "portable," says Rollings.
Rollings is an anatomist of possession and its varieties: romantic thralldom, abjection, communion, ecstasy (possession in the present), hope (possession by the future), nostalgia (possession by the past).
This is the only way to improve the decisions influenced by architecture," said Mike Rollings, EA Research Director for Burton Group.
The girls, Tracey Hall, Lisa Cossavella, Kelly Waters, Miriam Brearley, Kelly Chilvers, Kelly We all, Joanne Dimmock, Emma Rigby, Anna Marie Rollings and Alma Hand, all from the Easton Wesr district were picked out to represent the North-east guides at a massive gathering of groups and organisations in Horseguards Parade.
Hope Rollings is a healthy 10-month- old but a scan at 20 weeks into mum Sarah's pregnancy showed a chest deformity so severe doctors offered a termination.
Canley's first team, meanwhile, secured their spot in the last four of the Presidents Cup with a 5-2 win, Danny Rollings netting two of their goals while Andy Lee bagged both for Gatehouse Tavern.
In the second half Scarborough kicked a penalty just after the resumption as the home side's Gez Rollings was yellow carded.
Chris Rollings, head of Hadrian Park Primary, said: "The winning ticket was actually one that we sold at the school as Sarah's nephew, Shay Dickinson is a pupil here.