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v turning the client's limbs over so that the muscle tissue is mobilized and warmed, thus resulting in increased circulation.


involuntary rolling in animals; an important sign of abdominal pain or of disease of the vestibular apparatus. In the latter it is accompanied by persistent head rotation. Passive rolling is a therapeutic manipulation for the correction of torsion of the uterus in mares and cows. The animal is cast, laid on its back and swung sharply from side to side, sometimes with one hand in the rectum attempting to retard any movement of the fetus. The objective is to rotate the dam's body around an immobilized fetus and uterus.

rolling average
see moving average.
rolling disease
a nervous system disease of mice caused by Mycoplasma neurolyticum.
rolling mean
see moving average.
rolling skin syndrome
see idiopathic hyperesthesia syndrome.

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12 inch wide steel plate Minimum 300 mm diameter hot mill rolls for 2-high work rolls or 4-high backup rolls Minimum 95 mm diameter cold mill rolls for 4-high work rolls Maximum rolling speed must be at least 0.
An exception to this general rule allows a payee to defer including in gross income the value of distributed IRA assets by rolling over the assets into an IRA (Sec.
Due to the special working conditions of pulling-straightening roll of Cold Rolling Pickling Line, during the actual production, the surface of pulling-straightening roll is usually worn quickly, severely affecting the life-span and pulling-straightening effects, which makes the productivity fail to get further improvement.
Normal mill mixing occurs with a rolling bank between the two opposite rotating rolls.
Recently, reduction of tire weight and rolling resistance has become one of the most important factors in tire performance, and like fuel economy of automobiles, is necessary for improving the global environment.