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Christian F.W., German neurologist and psychiatrist, 1844-1978. See: Roller nucleus.


(rōl′ĕr) [O.Fr., roll]
1. A strip of muslin or other cloth rolled up in cylinder form for surgical use.
2. A roller bandage.

bandage roller

A device for rolling bandages.


a breed of canaries bred solely for their distinctive voice. It is soft with long, intricate rolls or tours. Color is variable. A number of different song passages are recognized; in exhibitions are judged on their songs.


harness of a wide leather band that encircles the horse at the girth place, behind the elbows. Good models have stuffed pads that fit on either side of the dorsal spine and keep pressure off it. Can be used for decoration, for anchoring check-reins when breaking into harness and for keeping a rug, quarter sheet and other horse garments in place.
References in classic literature ?
He laughed, and she watched him take a couple of turns with the roller.
I bargained for ninepence, and what with the roller, and opening the soda water, and shoving them heavy tables about, there was a decomposition of tissue in me to the tune of two shillings.
Broad and ungainly, she floundered from wave to wave, dipping her round bows deeply into the blue rollers, and sending the white flakes of foam in a spatter over her decks.
And, the rollers now white from the lime, I'd just seen what was wrong.
The fisherman pointed to the rollers tumbling in on the sand-bank, and to the great waves leaping up in clouds of foam against the headlands on either side of us.
Menges Roller, led by company president Matt Menges, was presented the award March 16 at the annual AIMCAL Management Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.
JemniSil High Release Roller Coverings are a family of roller coverings that are intended to be installed in-plant.
The Roller Derby World Cup is an international roller derby tournament where England will compete against the likes of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Sweden and USA.
A total of 102 roller coaster enthusiasts set a new world record on August 8, 2010 for the most naked people on a theme park ride.
SK8house, the UK's biggest roller disco provider, is transforming the area until tomorrow with an open-air roller rink, featuring music from the 70s, 80s and 90s to present chart music, visitors are guaranteed a fun-filled roller rink experience in a safe and controlled environment.