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Christian F.W., German neurologist and psychiatrist, 1844-1978. See: Roller nucleus.


(rōl′ĕr) [O.Fr., roll]
1. A strip of muslin or other cloth rolled up in cylinder form for surgical use.
2. A roller bandage.

bandage roller

A device for rolling bandages.
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Drawn cup needle roller bearings with open and closed ends consist of thin-walled outer rings and needle roller and cage assemblies and can be supplied with seals if required.
The low friction coefficient between the roller and the roller holder eliminates the need for lubrication maintenance - while the particular section of RLT-AL profile, allows the snap-in assembly of the roller elements into the profile without the need for screws or other fasteners.
Sisters Mackenzie and Lily Chesko, along with another former Radioactive Rollers teammate Sofia Hernandez of Chicago, have reached the highest level of competition in the sport of roller derby.
Swetnam said Roller told him if he didn't go along with the plan there would be "unintended consequences." Swetnam says he was fired so Roller could start his own cosmetic surgery practice.
Thanks to the performance and the configuration flexibility, high speeds and torque, the Drive Roller BL3 can provide a smart state-of-the-art solution for a great variety of demanding industrial conveying applications.
A Newcastle Roller Girls spokeswoman said: "Last year we hosted EuroClash for the first time so we are really excited to put on a whole weekend of highlevel international games again this year - including teams who don't often play in the UK.
Headquartered in Wauconda, Illinois, Menges will join Valley Roller, Webex, Fife, Tidland and Magpowr under the Bertram Capital-owned Maxcess umbrella.
"Adding our precision roll business to the Maxcess family is an ideal fit," says Matt Menges, president of Menges Roller Company.
To test whether the roller coaster does encourage the natural passing of kidney stones, the researchers used 3-D printing to create a model kidney, which they filled with urine and three kidney stones of different sizes.
He added, "We have inhouse facility of fabricating and rubberising the rollers. These German formulated rollers are supplied to the customer with one year warranty.
To facilitate roller inching for inspection, operators need to disengage the main drive and engage an auxiliary drive.
Roller sleeves take a great deal of cleaning (in water) and if you inadvertently leave any paint to dry on the sleeve, it may ruin the finish the next time you paint.