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Christian F.W., German neurologist and psychiatrist, 1844-1978. See: Roller nucleus.


(rōl′ĕr) [O.Fr., roll]
1. A strip of muslin or other cloth rolled up in cylinder form for surgical use.
2. A roller bandage.

bandage roller

A device for rolling bandages.


a breed of canaries bred solely for their distinctive voice. It is soft with long, intricate rolls or tours. Color is variable. A number of different song passages are recognized; in exhibitions are judged on their songs.


harness of a wide leather band that encircles the horse at the girth place, behind the elbows. Good models have stuffed pads that fit on either side of the dorsal spine and keep pressure off it. Can be used for decoration, for anchoring check-reins when breaking into harness and for keeping a rug, quarter sheet and other horse garments in place.
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Menges is a three-generation, family-owned company with more than 50 years' experience in the roller business, including advanced capabilities in chill rollers, heat transfer rollers and rubber rollers, as well as world-class service and support.
These roller squeeze the fabric properly (perfect nip), and improve the quality of finishing and dyeing of the fabrics/yarn.
5 One of the main problems with rollers is that they leave "tracks", which are lines of paint from the side of the roller that ruin the finish.
A longer 36-inch roller is ideal for back exercises, as it will allow you to roll with it perpendicular to your back without worrying about slipping off the ends.
Number of roller males in age category B was significantly higher than the number of males in age category A (Table II).
Rollers designed using Menges' CFD Thermal Modeling Technology are guaranteed to achieve the temperatures modeled in their computer simulations, which the company says brings a new level of assurity to industrial roller performance, taking the guesswork out of temperature control and thermal transfer calculations.
Terri, who is captain of the Milk Rollers, said: "Since I streamed the first world cup on my laptop I decided to dedicate my time and efforts to train for the chance to play for England.
Admission will include roller skates, wrist protection and safety helmets.
Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track.
You'll need a pry bar to hold the guide roller in place while turning the bolts with the wrench.
CROWDS flocked to cheer on the Liverpool Roller Birds at the city's first public roller derby game of the year.