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said of grain rolled into flat plates by passing through flat rollers, e.g. rolled oats. Improves digestibility at the cost of the processing. See also cracked.

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It was Lerumie, the black whom he had seen rolled on the beach by Biddy only the previous morning, who, still were recently, had kicked him on his stub of a tail, and who not more than a week before he had seen throw a rock at Terrence.
He had a singular red cap on, - not like a sailor's cap, but of a finer colour; and as the few yielding planks between him and destruction rolled and bulged, and his anticipative death-knell rung, he was seen by all of us to wave it.
I told you plainly to keep yourself quiet," said D'Artagnan to Menneville, who rolled at his feet.
5 : to move or cause to move in a circular manner <She rolled her eyes.
As the production of steel advanced in the mid-1800's, solid hot rolled steel window frames soon became available in Europe and North America.
401(a)(9)-7, Q&A-2, states that if an amount distributed by one plan (distributing plan) is rolled over to another plan (receiving plan), the benefit of the employee under the receiving plan is increased by the amount rolled over for purposes of determining the RMD for the calendar year immediately following the one in which the rollover is distributed.
All or part of an eligible distribution from a taxpayer's (or a deceased spouse's) qualified plan can be rolled over into an IRA.