role performance

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action taken to fulfill a task.
performance components formerly, in occupational therapy, aspects of functional ability required for occupational performance; they were grouped into sensorimotor, cognitive, and psychological subcategories.
ineffective role performance a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as patterns of behavior and self-expression that do not match the environmental context, norms, and expectations; this may be a change in self-perception or perception by someone else, a denial of role, a conflict between roles, a change in capacity to perform a role, or some other change.
occupational performance in occupational therapy, performance of all the activities that make up the individual's lifestyle; see also performance components.
role performance the fulfilling of an expected pattern of behavior.

role performance

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as congruence of an individual's role behavior with role expectations. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.
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Previous research focusing on client satisfaction also indicates that role performance abilities are contributing factors in the success of a client-agency relationship.
Factor analysis of role performance measures: solution after varimax rotation with 25 variables Factor Eigenvalue Percentage of variance Cumulative percentage 1 9.
Trend analysis indicated role performance improved significantly from entry to completion and was maintained over 18 months later in all areas except program management.
It is more difficult to formulate hypotheses about worker constituents' use of sanctions to bring about desired worker director role performance, because the constituents lack the experience to know how directors act on boards, and, unlike conventional and management directors, they cannot directly observe their representatives' behavior.
Analyzing role performance can reveal larger distinctions between media systems than the study of journalists' attitudes.
The assessment of role performance and role valuation was performed by using the Role Checklist (Oakley et al.
job burnout, exhaustion (E123) and disengagement (D123) had a moderate negative effect on in- role performance (IP123) at 100% confidence level.
Work stress jeopardises the role performance and wellbeing of the role occupant.
What are the differences between the perceptions of on-site mentors and counseling interns regarding the actual role performance of the on-site mentor in each examined role domain (teacher, counselor, consultant, and sponsor)?
Ratings by field staff placed them mid-range in role performance.
The roles of the protagonist, auxiliary players, and antagonist were examined individually for the impact of role performance on the environmental climate.
a primary diagnosis of mental disorder, and meeting the criteria in any one of the following: (1) Serious dysfunction in any of the (CCAR) level of functioning scales: Thinking/ Mental Process, Family/Living Situation, Socio-Legal, Feeling/Mood/Affect, or Role Performance, or (2) Any one of the following problems: injury by abuse or assault; victim of physical abuse; victim of sexual abuse; suicidal; danger to self; or family violence, or (3) Any living situation that is not the natural home, such as: correctional facility/jail, lives with unrelated persons, hospital, nursing home, boarding home, or other residential facility.

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