role performance

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action taken to fulfill a task.
performance components formerly, in occupational therapy, aspects of functional ability required for occupational performance; they were grouped into sensorimotor, cognitive, and psychological subcategories.
ineffective role performance a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as patterns of behavior and self-expression that do not match the environmental context, norms, and expectations; this may be a change in self-perception or perception by someone else, a denial of role, a conflict between roles, a change in capacity to perform a role, or some other change.
occupational performance in occupational therapy, performance of all the activities that make up the individual's lifestyle; see also performance components.
role performance the fulfilling of an expected pattern of behavior.
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* What is the relationship between perceived organizational support, affective commitment and extra role performance of employees in telecom sector of Pakistan?
Finally, an important aspect of role performance is the "backstage." There, the actors determine how best to perform their roles for the audience.
Overall, the family related domain has been paid little attention while work and family role can equally be important for employees and performance in family role may also increase work role performance (Chen et al., 2014).
Using authors' description of the variables and the measures used in the studies, two members of the research team independently grouped parent role performance variables within each of Skinner et al.'s (2005) six dimensions and grouped child well-being variables to create a parsimonious list of dimensions of well-being.
For decades, research has centered on the study of role conception; only recently have studies focusing on role performance in news content been published (Mellado, Hellmueller, & Donsbach, 2017a).
This assessment allows practitioners to gather patients' occupational participation and role performance in order to write client-centered, occupation-based goals.
With the aim to recruit 50,000 health volunteers by the year 2016, it is timely to access the role performance of our CHVs and determining its associated factors.
Educational leadership has the opportunity to share in this difficult task and to assist other social groups in preparing people for adequate, appropriate and efficient role performance to address social issues and all related aspects.
The 36 items are subdivided into 8 subscales that assess physical functioning, physical role performance, pain, general health, vitality (energy), social functioning, emotional role-performance, and mental health.
Moreover, the book is a testament to human playfulness, creativity, and the key role performance and memory has in asserting the uncapturability of such dynamics within state and non-state political orders as well as wider socio-cultural circumstances.