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A generic or ‘placeholder’ surname, used in a legal action for a party—usually male—whose true identity is unknown or whose name must be withheld for various legal reasons
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One reason why ROE may not be a good predictor of stock returns is because the ratio does not reflect the real earnings power of a company.
And ROE is an important measure, but it's becoming less so for our business.
Fitch does not adjust ATC's reported EBITDA and FCF to remove the impact of regulatory reserves but rather focuses on projected credit protection measures after the resolution of the ROE challenges.
Lowering income and increasing the denominator had an adverse effect on the ROE ratio.
Second, when measuring ROE, a distinction should be made between current ROE and forecasted ROE.
This explains why microalgae grower Cyanotech's $12 million capital infusion in 1995 failed to dilute its ROE as much as occurred with the home-builders.
-A reduction in the FERC-authorized ROE and/or other changes to the regulatory construct resulting in adjusted debt/EBITDAR leverage metrics materially exceeding 4.5x for a sustained period could lead to a downgrade.
6 on the ROE list, is the only bank in the state that ranks among the top 25 banks in assets, return on assets and ROE.
In asking for a 15.1% ROE in its new rates--which was an increase from its current 13.25% ROE Kern sought to recoup some of the $1.2 billion investment in a doubling of the capacity of its 900-mile pipeline between 2001-03.
One can understand, in light of this story, why proponents of same-sex marriage might have wanted to distance their case from Roe. Roe functions today, for the Left as much as the Right, as a cautionary tale--a parable about what happens when the Court steps in too soon, does too much, and shuts down democratic debate on an issue about which Americans are deeply divided.
Guru Mantras Most money managers prefer an RoE of more than 15%.