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The Rock Oil management team previously built a substantial acreage position along with associated production in the Eagle Ford Shale which it successfully sold in separate transactions to Sabine Oil and Gas and Sanchez Energy Corporation in 2012 and 2013, respectively, at material premiums to invested capital.
Rock oil originates as tiny bodies of animals buried in the sediments which, under the influence of increased temperature and pressure acting during an unimaginably long period of time, transform into rock oil.
You can buy the rock oil, used to treat rheumatism and other ailments, from the shop or try it at the Hotel Wiesenberg around the corner, along with a range of spa, sauna and massage treatments.
An 1855 advertisement for Kier's Rock Oil, a patent medicine whose key ingredient was petroleum bubbling up from salt wells near Pittsburgh, urged customers to buy soon before "this wonderful product is depleted from Nature's laboratory" The ad appeared four years before Pennsylvania's first oil well was drilled.
SHARES in London-based oil and gas explorer Black Rock Oil & Gas soared by 43pc, or 0.
Townsend and his partners believed rock oil (petroleum) would eventually replace whale oil used for lubrication and illumination.
7% equity interest in the Blue Eagle joint venture between Abraxas and Rock Oil Company, LLC.
Riverstone Energy agreed to invest $83 million in US oil and gas company Rock Oil Holdings alongside its private equity parent Riverstone Holdings.
6m finance package to support the expansion plans of Warrington-based manufacturer Rock Oil.
Arian Properties LLC, led by Rahim Juma, purchased the 7320 Cantrell Road project from Little Rock Oil Inc.
10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Rock Oil Company, LLC ("Rock Oil" or the "Company"), today announced that on August 18, 2010 it closed an initial common equity commitment with Energy Trust Partners III LP ("ETP"), and on December 20, 2010 completed a follow-on investment with Wells Fargo Energy Capital ("Wells Fargo"), Hexagon Investments ("Hexagon"), and BNP Paribas ("BNP Paribas"); (collectively, the "Co-Investors").
Padgett's are funding part of his Donington outing alongside Grant and Rock Oil.