rock fever

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rock fever


A highly contagiously infection by Brucella spp, primarily B abortus (less commonly, B melintensis and B suis), caused by skin contact with infected cattle, goats and sheep or consumption of contaminated milk or meat.
Primarily affects veterinarians, farmers, wool sorters and dairy workers, who are occupationally exposed to infected animals, meats or spore-laden wool.
Clinical findings
Fever, sweating, malaise, aches, meningitis, abscesses of brain, liver, spleen, cholecytitis, endocarditis, arthritis, spondylitis, osteomyelitis, erythema nodosum, inhalation pneumonitis.
Doxycycline, rifampin for 6+ weeks.
Generally less than 5%.

Patient discussion about rock fever

Q. Can Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) cause a heart enlargement? A friend of mine is suffering from FMF. its usually doesn't bother him that much and when it dose the symptoms are stomach ache and fever. he has no heart symptoms and takes no medications. his physician told him that because of the FMF he might suffer from a heart enlargement, and that he should take some oral medications daily to prevent it. how can it be?

A. This question can't be answered with a strict yes or no.
although FMF on its own can't cause heart enlargement, FMF can cause amyloidosis because of the recurrent inflammation. this may lead to enlargement of the heart which is a severe disease.
the good side is that taking medication can decrease the chance of the cardiac enlargement.

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