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In statistics, the degree to which the probability of drawing a wrong conclusion from the test result is not seriously affected by moderate departures from the assumptions implicit in the model on which the test is based.
[L. robustus, hale, strong, fr. robur, oak, strength]
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The robustness research of the social networks is a relatively new but little research field.
With this strategic relationship in place, CoreMedia can ensure that their OMA DRM solutions adhere to Robustness Rules and provide the best commercial protection available.
With MunEDA's WiCkeD tool suite Evatronix establishes a fast and reliable process to port its intellectual property (IP) upon customer request and create documented verification of IP quality and robustness.
With today's home appliance, designers are facing stringent certification requirements for safety and EMC robustness.
Key customer benefits of include enterprise class robustness, investment protection in compatible SCSI software, and the choice of direct-attach storage devices (Serial ATA or Serial-Attached SCSI).
System reliability, availability and robustness are often not well understood by system architects, engineers and developers.
The small solder PowerBlock modules are ideal for applications like standard drives or UPS, where the high robustness of pressure contacts is not necessarily a must.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study by Network Strategy Partners (NSP) analyzes the business case and estimates the Return on Investment (ROI) delivered through security, protocol robustness and resiliency testing using the Mu Security analysis system.
The contributors to this study of robustness as a complex systems design principle explore the features of phenomena that are responsible for robustness or fragility.
These abuses were not intended to test the robustness of the tapes, but the robustness of the format itself and of the drive's ability to read data from damaged tapes.
RF circuit design becomes challenging in sub-100nm technologies for many reasons like lower core voltages, less headroom, more on-chip variation and other effects that can affect performance, robustness and yield of critical circuit designs.
To help address these challenges, DARPA has created the Biological Robustness in Complex Settings (BRICS) program.