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In statistics, the degree to which the probability of drawing a wrong conclusion from the test result is not seriously affected by moderate departures from the assumptions implicit in the model on which the test is based.
[L. robustus, hale, strong, fr. robur, oak, strength]
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Their method genetic algorithm is applied to the wavelet domain to improve the quality of the watermarked image and the robustness of the watermark.
By shifting the histogram of the statistic features in time domain, the proposed algorithm achieves good robustness and reversibility at the same time.
On such basis, the relation between robustness of vehicle and the size and change of basins of attraction can be analyzed further, which provides parameters and initial values for launching stable supercavitating vehicle, as well as necessary base of research for the design of controller of supercavitating vehicle.
Robustness analysis of prediction filter with experimental results for the first-order and second-order predictor is given in Section III.
In contrast to breaking of robustness in carcinogen-driven tumorigenesis, viral infections, such as HPV, hepatitis B virus, and Epstein-Barr virus, induce tumorigenesis through systematic and potentially predictable mechanisms.
These three components--the goal, the knowledge, and the uncertainties --are then combined in assessing the robustness to error or surprise of any proposed Spartan plan of battle.
It has better robustness against noise, filtering, sharpening and tempering and is computationally less expensive then other transform domain techniques [6].
Barratt & Oke, 2007) influences resilience and robustness and moreover how this effect is dependent on supply base complexity.
by the Omani economy as it offers a positive outlook, while supporting the government's efforts in enhancing the investment environment in the country as proactive debt payback by firms in the country indicates financial robustness that they have.
Undetectability and robustness are two main performance metrics of covert timing channels.
The Foreign Minister said it is the robustness of Pakistan's foreign policy that the United States has sought Pakistan's cooperation in resolution of the Afghan conflict.
"The first quarter of 2019 will be a good time to have a comfortable view on the robustness of the supply chain," Peticolin says.