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The preparation of comestibles by heating. In meats, overcooking can result in the production of carcinogenic polycyclic amines; undercooking carries the risk of parasitic (e.g., Taenia solium, T saginatus) or bacterial (e.g., Escherichia coli 0157:H7, Salmonella spp) infections.
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[L. coquere, to cook]
The process of heating foods to prepare them for eating. Cooking makes most foods more palatable and easier to chew, improves their digestibility (and sometimes their nutrient bioavailability), and destroys or inactivates harmful organisms, or toxins that may be present. Cooking releases the aromatic substances and extractives that contribute odors and taste to foods. These odors help to stimulate the appetite.


Not all toxic substances are inactivated by heat. Most microorganisms and parasites are destroyed in the ordinary process of cooking when the food is heated to internal temperatures of 160°F to 175°F. Pork must be cooked completely throughout to kill the encysted larvae of Trichinella.


Protein: Soluble proteins become coagulated. Soluble substances: These, including heat-labile vitamins, are often inactivated by boiling, and even mineral substances and starches, although insoluble to a certain extent, may be altered in this process. Starch: The starch granules swell and are changed from insoluble (raw) starch to soluble starch capable of being converted into sugar during digestion and of being assimilated in the system.

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The basic technique of roasting is simple: line a cookie sheet or other oven-proof dish with foil (it's neater), place the item to be roasted on it, and blast the heat away.
To ensure that other variables, like roasting time or type of oven, won't affect the outcome, Wong keeps them constant, or unchanged, during the experiment.
This gives them a flavor richer, fuller and sweeter than they would have without roasting."
Pour off any excess fat from the beef roasting tin, put on a medium heat on top of the stove.
The investigators attributed these increases in antioxidant levels after roasting to greater concentrations of phenolic compounds or browning reaction products.
Put a generous amount of olive oil in a roasting tin and put in oven, until smoking.
Once they experience the flavor of fresh gourmet coffee roasted in a home roasting machine, they'll want to share it with everyone they know.
IF you can't live without roast spuds, halve the amount and make room in your roasting tin for whole, peeled parsnips.
Place roast, skin side up, on a rack in a 10by 15-inch roasting pan.
Certainly a neighbor roasting up 90 grams on a FreshRoast R300 and selling beans to his friends and family is working with small batches.
Melt goose fat in a roasting tin, add potatoes and coat.