Road Test

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A slang phrase referring to the assessment of discharge suitability criteria for a particular patient by testing arousal, level of self-sufficiency, cerebellar function—gait, ataxia, ambulation, and ability to understand discharge instructions
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Having the opportunity to work with high-caliber infrastructure technologists, backed by the combined momentum of recent Fortune 50 customer wins, road-tested products, and a solid management team makes Blue Titan a fertile, thriving environment.
Excelergy eXACT for Wholesale Markets is a configuration of the same high-performance Excelergy product that's been so successfully and extensively road-tested in competitive retail markets," added Mahoney.
Ryder's "Road Ready" used vehicles are single-owner trucks that are equipped with quality components and parts configurations that have been road-tested and performance-monitored within Ryder's fleet of more than 175,000 vehicles.
Voss welcomed the partnership saying, "CaseCom, with a road-tested infrastructure, can give us a level of service and reliability that is ready to scale to the needs of the wireless data market.
ARM core-based designs can now be road-tested without incurring additional lead time and pre-production or NRE charges, providing a tremendous advantage both from an engineering and a marketing standpoint.