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related to animals on roadways.

road accidents
results in traumatic injuries because of collisions with vehicles, falling on uneven or slippery surfaces.
road founder
traumatic laminitis.
road transportation
motor transport.

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Q. Is there a connection between bipolar disorder and road rage? I know someone who may have a bipolar disorder, but he also has road rage. Is there a possible connection between bipolar disorder and road rage?

A. You're the best. I would gladly call her.

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According to him, 304 road accidents were registered in 2017 by the drivers' fault in Bishkek.
Replying to a calling attention notice raised by Khalida Mansoor regarding increase in road accidents on National Highways due to rash and negligent driving of dumpers-trucks, the minister said as many as 428 accidents occurred in 2017 and 428 people lost their lives in it.
In Kalat division 16 major road accidents occurred in January, killing 24 people and injuring 58 others.
Speaking at the launch of the 360 degrees, Road Safety Expo 2018 in Gaborone on February 27, Mr Montshiwa commended Design Surgery for organising a road safety show that will see stakeholders from the traffic industry, government, policy makers, enforcement authorities, infrastructure developers and the general public gathered together to come up with preventative methods to curb road accidents.
They shared the grief of families, who had lost their loved ones in road accidents.
65 per cent of the road accidents which occurred in 2017 were a result of human error.
Giving details of the above mentioned complaints traffic police official said that 238 complaints related to routes violations, 320 related to overcharging, 60 to road accidents and others.
The government official in Islamabad's Excise and Taxation Department Program reported that one of the main causes of growing road accidents in the country is a huge number of old, unfit vehicles that are running on the roads.
Shri Gadkari also informed that the positive trend of 2016 is further bolstered by the accident figures for the first half of 2017, where there has been a 3 % reduction in road accidents between January to July 2017, along with a 4.
New Delhi: At least 17 people died in road accidents every hour in 2016, taking the total casualty count to over 150,000 during the year, an official report said yesterday.
Releasing the 'Road Accidents in India - 2016' report, the Road Transport and Highways minister said while overall road accidents last year declined by 4.
Mahdi Ali Salih, has revealed that 2349 road accidents occurred in the state, including 76 deaths, during the outgoing year 2016.