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A popular term referring to jagged linear lacerations, fancifully likened to a road map, of the face and neck, usually of a front passenger who has been thrown from a car in an RTA/MVA via the windscreen/shield, and sustained cuts en route to the end of a trajectory
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I determined to stroll home in the purer air by the most roundabout way I could take; to follow the white winding paths across the lonely heath; and to approach London through its most open suburb by striking into the Finchley Road, and so getting back, in the cool of the new morning, by the western side of the Regent's Park.
By the time I had arrived at the end of the road I had become completely absorbed in my own fanciful visions of Limmeridge House, of Mr.
"I'm much obliged, miss," he said, and started along another road.
"I thought you said that other was the road to Butterfield," said he, running his fingers through his shaggy whiskers in a puzzled way.
They glided off along that winding stretch of road. To its very edge, on either side of them, so close that they could almost touch it, came the water, water which stretched as far as they could see, swaying, waveless, sinister-looking.
In front of them for more than a hundred yards the water seemed suddenly to have flowed across the road. Still a mile distant, perched on a ridge of that strangely-placed hill, was their destination.
He went about feeling the ground with his feet and the whip, but could not find the road anywhere.
"Course," said Sam, "Mas'r can do as he'd ruther, go de straight road, if Mas'r thinks best,--it's all one to us.
No automobile as yet had ventured their perilous roads. Eastward, between them and the populous interior valleys, lay the wilderness of the Coast Range--a game paradise, Billy heard; though he declared that the very road he traveled was game paradise enough for him.
As soon as I was mounted, holding on to Dogger's belt, the supervisor gave the word, and the party struck out at a bouncing trot on the road to Dr.
The mender of roads was now coming to himself, and was mistrustful of having made a mistake in his late demonstrations; but no.
This surmise was confirmed, as presently,--over the brow of a distant undulation in the road, I descried a farmer's gig driven by another young woman.