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rishi (rēˑ·shē),

n in Sanskrit, one who possesses knowledge. It is one of the three components of the vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures considered sources of pure knowledge. According to vedic sciences, interactions of rishi, devata, and chhandas give rise to matter. See also veda, devata, and chhandas.
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In Dimple and Rishi's case, the two have more in common than they realize: Just as Dimple always feels like she's not good enough for her parents, Rishi feels distant from his own.
I am the world record holder of 496 straws in my mouth … For that record, I needed space, I had to remove every tooth so that I could put maximum straws in my mouth," Rishi told Reuters Television before re-enacting the feat on camera.
As one of eight teams to win Verizon's national competition, Rishi and his classmates won $20,000 for their school, plus the opportunity to work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the app.
Pterocomma populeum (Kaltenbach) on Populus tremuloides (Takada & Rishi 1980);
After persuading Nicola and Jimmy to go along with her fraudulent scheme, Emmerdale Haulage has gone into administration which means Charity (right) doesn't have to pay Rishi a penny of his investment.
According to critics, the film is relying high on Rishi and Khurrana's performance.
The office will not be involved in core banking, but will be exploring opportunities for the bank to establish itself for the long term, said Rishi.
It was always going to happen," Rishi said when asked what it was like to work with his son.
Dr Rishi Sethi and Dr Sharad Chandra, both Associate Professors in the Cardiology Department at KGMU, were awarded the coveted Fellowship of American College of Cardiologists in its Convocation held in San Francisco on 11th March 2013.
Bremen VVGOTTA say a shocking decision to let Rishi on the team - Balding too.
Nepalese women offer prayer along the bank of the Bagmati River, during the Rishi Panchami festival, in Kathmandu on September 20.
BGreen spoke to UAE based Lighting and Electrics executive directors Sanuj Kohli and Rishi Kohli to find out more about the Emirates lighting industry.