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v 1. to flow or fall in waves; to undulate as a wave.
2. during relaxation, the continuous wave of tension release that begins at the crown of the head and moves through the body to the toes.
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But when the animal is in shallow, bright water, the eye squeezes into the squinty, ripply slit shown here.
She watched as Olivia rose up to hold her magnifying glass over the board, and the letters grew large and ripply in the glass.
That ripply musculature, bared and exposed, offers itself up to the eyes of one and all, to the great yellow Eye of the Banana Lord, Sun.
The Veil continues to show ripply, tangled detail in its expanding shock fronts down to Hubble's finest resolution--some 5,000 to 10,000 years after the blast that set the shock wave going.