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Denoting progressive oxidation of dye solutions, as in the ripening of hematoxylin solutions to hematein or of methylene blue to azure dyes.


1. Softening, effacement, and dilation before labor. See: Bishop's score; prostaglandin
2. Maturation of a cataract.

cervical ripening

See: cervical ripening


said of meat. See curing.
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METHODS TO ARTIFICIALLY RIPEN MANGOES About half a closed fist of calcium carbide is wrapped in a newspaper and placed in the bottom of a big container.
Studies indicate that fruit from short shoots is slower to ripen than fruit from long shoots, but over time the fruit from short shoots will catch up and ripen.
The extra ethylene helped the tomato ripen quickly.
One of the best eating early apples, Redfree should be enjoyed soon after it ripens because it has a short shelf-life.
Harvest the early cooking and dessert apples as they ripen, that is, when the fruits part readily from the spur when lifted and given a slight twist.
The fruit doesn't ripen after harvest, so eat as soon as possible.
Unlike many other fruits, the respiration rate in bananas does not slow down, and bananas do not ripen slowly.
Traditionally, smear-ripened cheeses such as reblochon are exposed to a starter culture, a live mixture containing the microbe Brevibacterium linens, to ripen the cheese.
When your mother (perhaps even when she was a "youngish wife") told you that putting an apple in a bag with a banana would make it ripen, you might have scoffed a little.
Sickened this year by the need to pick up half a dozen windfalls every day, I cleared the tree this week and will wrap each one individually as before to let them ripen rather than rot
In climacteric fruit, those that continue to ripen after harvest, such as tomatoes, apples and bananas, ripening is controlled by ethylene.