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1. To wash lightly.
2. A solution used for irrigation or bathing.

mouth rinse

A flavored or medicated solution swirled in the mouth, used to treat halitosis, oral infections, apthous ulcers, stomatitis, or dental biofilm (plaque).


Some alcoholics may occasionally abuse alcohol-based mouth rinses.

sodium fluoride rinse

A 0.05% aqueous solution of sodium fluoride also containing coloring and flavoring agents, used as a mouth rinse to help prevent dental caries.
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delivery of collecting basins under washing and rinsing agents
For more than a decade, research in endurance sports like cycling and running has shown that athletes can gain a performance boost during intense bouts of exercise by rinsing their mouths with a carbohydrate solution, then spitting it out without swallowing.
As this product is highly inhibited, it is more difficult to rinse due to the thick film of inhibitor remaining on the substrate surface from the wash process, thereby presenting a greater challenge to the rinsing process.
The only study to investigate the influence of a CHO mouth rinse on single sprint performance reported no significant influence of mouth rinsing on performance or metabolic responses to a 30 second cycle sprint (Chong et al., 2011).
Rinsing those drained beans removes the sodium attached to the beans' surface, reducing sodium even further, to 41 percent.
(18) Because of its diffusion into the biofilm, essential oils have substantive activity extending several hours beyond the rinsing period.
Effect of rinsing with distilled water on microbial components (Group1)
In this study, the 16 participants tired out their biceps by flexing them for 11 minutes before rinsing their mouths with either a carbohydrate drink or a non-calorific, taste-matched drink.
All washers offer a spray arch water delivery system that ensures a thorough washing and rinsing. This feature projects a vertical "wall of water" equally across the entire chamber.
Aim: Post-brushing water rinsing may reduce the risk of fluoride (F) ingestion from dentifrice, however the decreased salivary F bioavailability may compromise any consequent anticaries benefits.