Ring Fencing

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The British government's practice of limiting the monies it gives organisations (such as local strategic health authorities and hospitals) to designated purposes
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He warned that the definition of the ring-fence needed "clarity" to reduce the level of negotiation between banks and regulators - because the latter will ultimately lose.
Sir John and his colleagues on the ICB last year recommended that UK banks ring-fence their high-street or retail arms from high-risk investment divisions.
While banks initially met the reforms with some resistance, many have since become more open to the proposals and some, such as Lloyds Banking Group, have started to take steps to build the ring-fence.
BANKS will be required to "ring-fence" their retail operations from risk-taking arms and to hold increased levels of capital to protect the UK from a repeat of the crash of 2008, Chancellor George Osborne has announced.
"Our policy towards regulatory ring-fences will be kept under review and when further changes seem appropriate for all the ring-fenced utilities which we regulate we will pursue them," said Mr McCallum.
The Vickers report gave banks until 2019 to establish ring-fences between their retail and investment arms.
Now newspaper reports suggest that the float is unlikely to happen until 2013 at the earliest after this week's Vickers Report proposed that banks must ring-fence their retail arms from investment banking.