Ring Fencing

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The British government's practice of limiting the monies it gives organisations (such as local strategic health authorities and hospitals) to designated purposes
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Activities within an ICB proposed ring-fence retail bank Mandated (18%) Taking deposits from and providing overdrafts to individuals and SMEs in the UK.
There are two key aspects to the ring-fence - it provides a floor below which expenditure on mental health services should not fall and any savings must be re-invested into mental health services.
The consultation sets out key details, in the form of draft statutory instruments, on the ring-fence, including the scope of the ring-fence, the de minimis exemption from ring-fencing and the prohibitions on ring-fenced banks activities, and on the framework for applying loss absorbency requirements to systemic banks.
Summary: Chancellor George Osborne has said new powers will allow banks to be broken up if they do not follow rules to ring-fence risky operations.
Si r John Vickers, chairman of the Independent Banking Commission, ruled out a full-scale break-up of the banks but plans to ring-fence their retail operat ions f rom investment banking.
Ofwat has now confirmed its intention to further ring-fence the regulated water-business of South Staffordshire from other activities carried out by its new owners, and bring it into line with other water companies in England and Wales.
These amendments were designed to ring-fence the company and subsidiaries from the possible bankruptcy or further credit degradation of EIX.
The Welsh Government introduced arrangements to ring-fence mental health revenue allocations to health boards in 2008 with the aim of protecting investment in mental health services.
And Business Secretary Vince Cable warned continuing the ring-fence risks distorting public spending.
BRITAIN'S banks could face the threat of being broken up after a report warned the ring-fence to separate risky operations from savers' deposits needed "electrification".
Sir John and his colleagues on the ICB last year recommended that UK banks ring-fence their high-street or retail arms from high-risk investment divisions.
BRITAIN'S banks should ring-fence their high street and investment divisions as part of a far-reaching reform package which should be put in place by 2019, a Government-appointed commission said yesterday.