Ring Fencing

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The British government's practice of limiting the monies it gives organisations (such as local strategic health authorities and hospitals) to designated purposes
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New regulatory norms require banks to ring-fence their retail business, separating it from more risky activities, such as investment banking.
The Ring-fenced Bodies and Core Activities Order, which defines the proposed threshold below which banks will be exempted from having to ring-fence, and the thresholds above which large organisations and high net worth individuals will have the option to deposit outside the ring-fence, if they so choose.
London: Britain's biggest banks will face being broken up if they fail to ring-fence their retail and investment arms, under draft legislation set to be announced by finance minister George Osborne.
The government had already announced plans to force banks to ring-fence operations by 2019, in a bid to avoid taxpayers having to bail out troubled banks such as RBS and Lloyds -- as was the case during the financial crisis.
The ICB's three core recommendations are: a ring-fence to separate retail and wholesale banking activities; banks are required to have more loss-absorbing capital; and greater competition in retail banking markets.
The proposal to ring-fence retail activities would have the greatest negative impact on creditors of Barclays Bank, RBS and HSBC as they have UK retail banking and wholesale banking activities within the same legal entity.
Si r John Vickers, chairman of the Independent Banking Commission, ruled out a full-scale break-up of the banks but plans to ring-fence their retail operat ions f rom investment banking.
The Llanelli AM is also certain that Tory promises to ring-fence the health budget will force spending to be cut in local services and housing.
We will be asking the Home Office not to ring-fence finance set out for PCSOs.
Labour's decision not to ring-fence health spending in Wales has resulted in longer waiting times and declining standards.
The rebranding, to come into effect from 2018, comes ahead of new rules to ring-fence retail operations from investment banking.
Banks who will be required to ring-fence their core activities will find the policy statement of interest, this includes banking groups with core deposits in excess of GBP25bn.