ring test

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ring pre·cip·i·tin test

a precipitin test in which antigen solution is carefully layered over antibody solution in a tube; as diffusion proceeds, a disk of precipitate forms where the antibody ratio is optimal.
Synonym(s): ring test

ring test

(1) Milk ring test, see there.  
(2) Ring precipitin test, see there.


1. any annular or circular organ, structure or area.
2. in chemistry, a collection of atoms united in a continuous or closed chain.

abdominal ring (external)
an opening in the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle for the spermatic cord or round ligament. Called also external inguinal ring.
abdominal ring (internal)
an aperture in the transverse fascia for the spermatic cord or round ligament. Called also internal inguinal ring.
Bandl's ring
ring cell
an immature granulocyte, intermediate between the myelocyte and metamyelocyte, found in the bone marrow of rats. There is a 'hole' in the nucleus.
ciliary ring
the posterior part of the ciliary body of the eye, a continuation of the choroid.
conjunctival ring
a ring at the junction of the conjunctiva and cornea.
constriction ring
a contracted area of the uterus, where the resistance of the uterine contents is slight, as over a depression in the contour of the fetus, or below the presenting part.
deep inguinal ring
an aperture in the transverse fascia for the spermatic cord or the round ligament.
docking ring
femoral ring
the abdominal opening of the femoral canal through which the femoral nerve and blood vessels pass from the peritoneal cavity to the limb.
inguinal ring
see abdominal ring (above).
pancreatic ring
the ring in the pancreas that accommodates the portal vein.
ring precipitin test
see precipitin reaction.
preputial ring
the rim of the external orifice of the prepuce proper, the internal prepuce, on the penis of the horse.
retraction ring
the demarcation between the upper, contracting portion of the uterus in normal parturition and the lower, dilating part.
retraction ring (pathological)
a complication of prolonged labor marked by failure of relaxation of the circular fibers at the internal opening of the cervix, obstructing delivery of the fetus.
Schwalbe's ring
see schwalbe's ring.
scleral ring
stallion ring
a rubber ring fitted over the glans penis of the stallion which discourages erection and masturbation.
superficial inguinal ring
a fissure-like opening in the aponeurosis of the external abdominal oblique muscle for the spermatic cord or the round ligament.
ring test
tympanic ring
the bony ring forming part of the temporal bone at birth and developing into the tympanic plate.
umbilical ring
the orifice in the abdominal wall of the fetus for transmission of the umbilical vein and arteries.
ring vaccination
vaccination of all animals in a zone around an area in which the subject disease occurs. A preventive strategy that contains the infected population so that the eradication team has a finite target.
vascular ring
any of a number of congenital anomalies of the aortic arch and its branches, the vessels forming a ring about the trachea and esophagus that cause varying degrees of compression, vomiting and esophageal dilatation. See also persistent right aortic arch.
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In comparison to the empirical relation obtained from C ring tests (Eq 8), it can be seen that time-dependent fracture toughness takes the general form [K.
The full ring test is performed in a state which retains the pipe residual stress, present in the finished product due to fabrication and joining processes.
The new center includes computerized control rooms, training facilities, equipment test labs, seal ring test areas, hot oil test stand, and ongoing tests of Johnson and other equipment.
But Vallily, who struck gold in Delhi in 2010, has grown tired of facing limited journeymen and wants bigger ring tests after handling himself in sparring against some of the biggest names in the game.
In 2001, the UCCE sensory panel participated in a series of ring tests and became one of 41 officially recognized IOC taste panels, the first one in the United States to have received such recognition (IOC 2007b).