ring pessary

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ring pes·sa·ry

a ring of rubber, plastic, or metal in which the cervix rests; designed to support the uterus and to correct prolapse of that organ.
Synonym(s): doughnut pessary


(pes′ă-rē) [L. pessarium, suppository]
A device inserted into the vagina to function as a supportive structure for the uterus. A pessary may be inserted to treat symptomatic uterine displacements. After manually repositioning the uterus, the physician inserts the appropriate-size device; a woman should not feel a well-fitted pessary. Pessaries should be removed and cleaned frequently; however, this requires manual dexterity and is difficult for elderly patients. Use of an antibacterial cream or gel will help decrease odor. Unless discomfort arises, the device is removed about 6 weeks later. If relief and anteversion occur, no further treatment is necessary. If not, the pessary is reinserted for another 6 weeks.

cup pessary

A pessary that has a cup-shaped hollow that fits over the os uteri. It is used to treat a mild uterine prolapse.

diaphragm pessary

A cup-shaped rubber pessary used as a contraceptive device.

ring pessary

A round pessary.
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Instead, a ring pessary with support is fitted for her trial.
The ring pessary, the moset commonly used pessary, is appropriate for all stages of pelvic organ prolapse
Small bowel prolapse and incarceration caused by a vaginal ring pessary.
Uraemia due to ureteric obstruction of a solitary kidney by a vaginal ring pessary.
She had no current complaints and was satisfied using the ring pessary as a treatment option for symptomatic POP.
A 70 mm (size 4) silicone-based ring pessary (without support) was inserted.
A dirty white-coloured ring pessary was impacted in the vagina with erosion and mucopurulent blood stained discharge.
The silicone ring pessary can fold in half like a diaphragm, making it is easy and comfortable to put in, which means the patient can take it out by herself periodically, a major benefit, said Dr.
Many women are able to remove and replace a Ring pessary without difficulty.
The first was discovered two hours after initial insertion of a Ring pessary, suggesting a possible pre-existing, unidentified vaginal wall abnormality.
In provider surveys, the most commonly used pessary styles are variations of the Ring pessary (with and without a support membrane, and with and without an incontinence knob), and Gellhorn pessaries (Cundiff, Weidner, Visco, Bump, & Addison, 2000; Pott-Grinstein & Newcomer, 2001).
CHICAGO -- The incontinence ring pessary can be a safe, noninvasive option for treating stress incontinence if it fits correctly, Dr.