ring pessary

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ring pes·sa·ry

a ring of rubber, plastic, or metal in which the cervix rests; designed to support the uterus and to correct prolapse of that organ.
Synonym(s): doughnut pessary
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(pes′ă-rē) [L. pessarium, suppository]
A device inserted into the vagina to function as a supportive structure for the uterus. A pessary may be inserted to treat symptomatic uterine displacements. After manually repositioning the uterus, the physician inserts the appropriate-size device; a woman should not feel a well-fitted pessary. Pessaries should be removed and cleaned frequently; however, this requires manual dexterity and is difficult for elderly patients. Use of an antibacterial cream or gel will help decrease odor. Unless discomfort arises, the device is removed about 6 weeks later. If relief and anteversion occur, no further treatment is necessary. If not, the pessary is reinserted for another 6 weeks.

cup pessary

A pessary that has a cup-shaped hollow that fits over the os uteri. It is used to treat a mild uterine prolapse.

diaphragm pessary

A cup-shaped rubber pessary used as a contraceptive device.

ring pessary

A round pessary.
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The ring pessary, the moset commonly used pessary, is appropriate for all stages of pelvic organ prolapse
An easy reference is to start with a size 3 or 4 ring pessary if the vaginal introitus is 1 to 2 fingerbreadths in width and the prolapse is stage II to III.
Small bowel prolapse and incarceration caused by a vaginal ring pessary. Br J Surg 1993;80:1157.
A dirty white-coloured ring pessary was impacted in the vagina with erosion and mucopurulent blood stained discharge.
In that study, 73 patients had a successful 2-week pessary fitting trial (74% with a ring pessary), and at 2 months 92% who'd had a successful trial were satisfied with their treatment.
A sometimes a ring pessary can cause discharge problems.
We present a case of a ring pessary entrapped in a band of vaginal tissue despite frequent pessary care at a tertiary urogynaecology clinic.
Many women are able to remove and replace a Ring pessary without difficulty.
Atrophic tissue was more likely to develop epithelial abrasion when compared to the other two groups (range = 0% to 18%; p [less than or equal to] 0.05), and abrasion occurrence was more common in Cube versus Ring pessary users (83% versus 3%, p [less than or equal to] 0.001).
She decides to try a vaginal support pessary, (see Table 4) and is easily fitted with a Ring pessary. She finds it very comfortable during a 20-minute pessary trial performing general activities, such as walking in the office hallway.
The ring pessary was the commonest pessary chosen (96%, 113/118) regardless of the specific compartment that was affected (anterior, apical or posterior), followed by the Gellhorn and donut pessaries.
CHICAGO -- The incontinence ring pessary can be a safe, noninvasive option for treating stress incontinence if it fits correctly, Dr.