ring block

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ring block

Anesthesiology A form of anesthesia used in hair transplantation, in which local anesthetics are infiltrated around the inferior and lateral borders of the hair donor site


1. an obstruction or stoppage.
2. regional anesthesia.

Arthur block
see segmental dorsolumbar epidural block.
bundle-branch block
a form of heart block involving obstruction in one of the branches in the bundle of His.
field block
regional anesthesia obtained by blocking conduction in nerves with chemical or physical agents.
block grazing
see rotational grazing.
heart block
impairment of conduction in heart excitation; often applied specifically to atrioventricular heart block. See also heart block.
inverted L-block
linear infiltration cranial and dorsal to the incision site; used for flank laparotomy in cattle and sheep.
block mating
mating of all the females in a group during a brief period, e.g. within the span of three estral cycles; a characteristic of seasonal animal farming.
metabolic block
the blocking of a biosynthetic pathway due to a genetic enzyme defect or to inhibition of an enzyme by a drug or other substance.
nerve block
regional anesthesia secured by injection of an anesthetic in close proximity to the appropriate nerve.
paracervical block
anesthesia of the inferior hypogastric plexus and ganglia produced by injection of the local anesthetic into the lateral fornices of the vagina.
parasacral block
regional anesthesia produced by injection of a local anesthetic around the sacral nerves as they emerge from the sacral foramina.
presacral block
anesthesia produced by injection of the local anesthetic into the sacral nerves on the anterior aspect of the sacrum.
ring block
regional anesthesia by the injection of local anesthetic in a complete circle around a limb of a horse, or the teat of a cow.
sacral block
anesthesia produced by injection of the local anesthetic into the extradural space of the spinal canal.
saddle block
the production of anesthesia in a region corresponding roughly with the areas of the buttocks, perineum and inner aspects of the thighs, by introducing the anesthetic agent low in the dural sac.
sinus block
sinus arrest.
vagal block, vagus nerve block
blocking of vagal impulses by injection of a solution of local anesthetic into the vagus nerve at its exit from the skull.
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Amputation was performed in all cases by sedation, cornual nerve and ring block with Xylazine and 2% Lignocaine hydrochloride respectively as recommended by Mistry (2009) in buffaloes.
It is also effective for infants undergoing circumcision without a general anaesthetic used in conjunction with either a ring block or dorsal block (Razmus et al 2004).
There were nine procedural/analgesia groups (Dorsal Block, Dorsal Block/Sucrose, Dorsal Block/Sucrose/ELA-Max, ELA-Max/Sucrose, Ring Block, Ring Block/Sucrose, Sucrose alone, and no analgesic).