rima vocalis

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ri·ma glot·'ti·dis

the interval between the true vocal cords.
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rima vocalis

(1) Intermembranous part of glottic opening; pars intermembranacea rimae glottidis [NA6] .
(2) rima glottidis [NA6], see there; also known as true glottis.
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rima glottidis

The opening between the vocal folds in the larynx.

rima cornealis

A groove in the sclera holding edge of the cornea.

rima oris

The opening into the mouth.

rima palpebrarum

The slit between the eyelids.

rima pudendi

The space between the labia majora, into which the urethra and vagina open.
Synonym: vestibule of vagina

rima respiratoria

The space behind the arytenoid cartilages.

rima vestibuli

The space between the false vocal cords.

rima vocalis

Rima glottidis.
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