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something that is due to someone by law or by tradition.
right to fair treatment the fair selection and treatment of subjects during the course of a research study. Principles governing fairness include informed voluntary decision by the subjects to participate and selection according to criteria directly related to the study rather than according to artificial social or cultural biases.
negative right a right to refuse care or not to be interfered with; it obligates another to refrain from doing something. One example is the right to refuse treatment, which is grounded in the principle of respect for autonomy. This is mentioned in the “Patient's Bill of Rights;” see patient's rights.
patient's r's see patient's rights.
positive right a right to be provided with a good or service such as health care, usually grounded in the principle of justice. It is philosophically more difficult to justify than a negative right because it obligates another to do something.

congenital heart disease

A congenital malformation–eg, coarctation of aorta, VSD, ASD, tetraology of Fallot–of the heart or great blood vessels, which may or may not have clinical consequences. See Baby Faye heart, Shunt.
Congenital heart disease
Rightleft shunt Cyanotic shunt Tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of the great vessels, trucus arteriosus, tricuspid valve atresia
Leftright shunt Acyanotic shunt Patent ductus arteriosus, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, aortic stenosis, pulmonary stenosis, aortic coarctation (NEJM 2000; 342:256rv)


(rit) [AS. riht],

R; rt

1. Pert. to the dextral side of the body (the side away from the heart), which in most persons is the stronger or preferred. Synonym: dexter
2. Legal authority to supervise and control one's own actions or the actions of others.
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This is the total order obtained by reading the boxes from bottom to top in each column, starting with the left-most column and working rightwards.
Then any C'-DWA can be simulated by a C-DWA as follows: propagate the symbols in the first column rightwards and check them in the second spiral round; the rest of the computation is as before.
I can easily imagine how a complicated geometric shape will look like when it is shifted rightwards, leftwards.
More broadly, the paradoxes and ethical contradictions of the "New Left" of the 1960s, during which he came of age, led many acolytes of the movement to lurch rightwards in disgust.
As capital stock of the economy increases, the capital constraint shifts rightwards to MN leading to an expansion of the Z sector.
They stepped rightwards until their right foot crossed the right line.
219-20) predicts that the Pentecostal movement will fall apart and develop in six separate directions: apocalyptic destruction, indulgence in experiences of the novel, communal withdrawal from society, sectarian divisions, political engagement with society moving leftwards towards social justice or rightwards towards a theocracy, and fundamentalist conservatism.
On Nambya vowel harmony, this study has shown that it is predictable because it is rightwards (progressive) when it involves suffixal alternation and it is leftwards (regressive) when it involves prefixal alternation.
Finally, we can develop a procedure that will allow us to replicate the obtained block rightwards and upwards as many times as we wish.
Thus the gradual lowering of income tax thresholds in the 1990s aimed to shift Australia's labour supply curve rightwards and encourage more rapid employment growth.
Change of the place of the electric cable connection from a narrow to a wide electrode enables certain shift of the ascending flows rightwards.