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If you find yourself pulling answers out of the air without knowing how you got them; if you focus on the big picture before the details; if you're creative, emotional, and spatially skilled; and if you learn best by doing rather than listening, you might be a right-brained learner.
Unfortunately for right-brained learners, modern society and learning institutions tend to favor left-brain modes of thinking that focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy, while downplaying the right-brain modes of thinking that focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity.
Although it is believed that in extreme right-brained children neural circuitry does not establish a good connection between the brain and hand, creating difficulties with fine motor skills and problems with handwriting, in time, these brilliant students develop incredible finger dexterity.
Jeffrey Freed, Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997).
Shlain contends that agricultural preliterate cultures were principally informed by holistic, right-brained modes of thinking that venerated the Goddess and feminine values and images.
Confronted with it, our right-brained self feels misunderstood, unappreciated and resentful.
The nonstop writing process is usually preferred by right-brained people.
ATLANTA -- Satisfying the needs of both left-brained and right-brained e-marketers, Optimost today introduced a series of upgrades to its multivariable Web page testing application.
Earlier studies have claimed that the spin direction of the illusion is based on whether viewers are left or right-brained or is dependent on their personalities, but Queen's Niko Troje believes it's all about the angle at which the viewer is seeing the image.
Lenard-Cook, an award-winning novelist, describes a right-brained approach to fiction writing, based on collecting and cross-breeding fictional "seeds," composed of direct personal impressions, imagination, and the writer's resources of experience.
As a practical matter, the model shows the manager that he or she must find smooth transitions between the left-brained, objective processes in his or her work and the right-brained, subjective, abstract ones.
Our right-brained team members came up with the idea to pair up naughty and nice screensavers.