right crus of diaphragm

right crus of di·a·phragm

the muscular origin of the diaphragm from the bodies of the upper three or four lumbar vertebrae that passes upward to the right of the aorta toward the central tendon; the esophageal hiatus is a parting of the fibers of the right crus to allow passage of the esophagus.
Synonym(s): crus dextrum diaphragmatis [TA]
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This common trunk pierced the right crus of diaphragm to reach the right suprarenal plexus after giving few branches to the celiac plexus.
The branch originating at the level of T3 ganglion appeared to be beaded and descended parallel, anteromedial to the MSC and continued into the abdomen, through the right crus of diaphragm, where it terminated in the fight suprarenal plexus, after giving few branches to the celiac plexus (Fig.