right colic vein

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right col·ic vein

the vein that parallels the right colic artery and drains blood from the ascending colon and right colic flexure.
Synonym(s): vena colica dextra [TA]
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It is a venous trunk, later known as Henle's trunk or Henle's gastrocolic trunk (GTH), connecting part of the blood supply to the stomach and colon, which is formed by the convergence of the stomach-draining right gastroepiploic vein (RGEV) and the colon-draining superior right colic vein (SRCV), and drains into the superior mesenteric vein (SMV) at the inferior border of the pancreas.
The right colic vein (RCV) and middle colic vein (MCV) are defined as the tributaries from the marginal veins of the ascending and transverse colon, respectively.
[4], the accessory right colic vein (aMCV) served as the colic tributary in a very large proportion of cases, but Jin et al.
Sugiyama et al., "Anatomic study of the superior right colic vein: its relevance to pancreatic and colonic surgery," The American Journal of Surgery, vol.
Recently, we successfully treated a young man affected by end-stage liver disease with grade 3b PVT performing an extra-anatomic jump graft from the right colic vein. We herein report our experience together with a literature review of reproducible intraoperative PVT treatments to clarify the most appropriate approach for such a condition.
To our knowledge, this is the first report in literature of portal extra-anatomic jump graft from the right colic vein with donor iliac vein interposition.
Although this is the first experience of extra-anatomic jump graft from the right colic vein with donor iliac vein interposition, and further studies are needed to state the actual risk and the morbidity rate after this procedure, our technical innovation may represent a valid and safe alternative to the CPHT.
Caption: Figure 3: Intraoperative picture showing iliac vein jump graft from the right colic vein to the donor PV.