Rift Valley

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Rift Valley,

section of Kenya where the virus was first discovered in the 1900's.
Rift Valley virus - a virus of the genus Phlebovirus that occurs in central and southern Africa in sheep, goats, and cattle; humans may become infected with close contact with infected animals.
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The motion has very wide support,' said an MP from Rift Valley.
Despite its immense geothermal energy potential, Kenya's Rift Valley is a uniquely inconvenient place to drill steam wells and build power stations.
Rift Valley fever virus (Bunyaviridae: Phlebovirus): an update on pathogenesis, molecular epidemiology, vectors, diagnostics and prevention.
Morrison Cohen LLP served as legal counsel to Rift Valley.
Our goal with the whole Rift Valley Railways turnaround programme is starting from the view that Africa at large, not just East Africa, is a large continent with interesting growth prospects in the medium- and long-term and because of its size, railways are going to be a necessary component of any serious economic development plan for the continent as a whole," Massoud said.
It's estimated 14,000 MW of geothermal potential exists along the Rift Valley, enough to deliver power to 150m people.
If you stripped away all of the ice here today, you would see a feature every bit as dramatic as the huge rift valleys you see in Africa and in size as significant as the Grand Canyon,' said Robert Bingham of the University of Aberdeen, the study's lead author.
Dr Robert Bingham, a glaciologist working in the University of Aberdeen's School of Geosciences and lead author of the study, discovered the rift valley whilst undertaking three months of fieldwork with British Antarctic Survey in 2010.
Africa Railways, Citadel's platform for investing in the African rail transportation sector, will use proceeds from the capital increase to fund portfolio company Rift Valley Railways.
Summary: The mist lifts from the mountains of Kenya's fabled Rift Valley, better known for its flamingoes and zebras than its wine, as women weave in and out with baskets of grapes on their heads.