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Humphrey, English anatomist, 1653-1708. See: Ridley circle, Ridley sinus, circulus venosus ridleyi.
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But the case brought memories flooding back for the Ridleys, who have been fighting for justice after a Crown Court case saw the man accused of killing Sean acquitted.
Michael Ridley pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Staff Sgt Chris Chacksfield after he threw a single punch in an unprovoked street attack in Newcastle.
During the winter season, the endangered Olive Ridleys move in large synchronised concentrations to three major nesting sites along the Orissa coast.
The beaches of Orissa are the last nestling ground for globally distributed Olive Ridleys in the Indian Ocean.
The olive and Kemp's ridleys are unique in that they are the only sea turtles to pack together to protect each other.
The Ridleys refused to pay an 8.5 per cent increase in their local authority tax last year.
Donna Shaver, program coordinator for sea turtle projects at Padre Island, says that the hatching success for the eggs found this year reached 92.6 percent, and 893 Kemp's ridleys were released into the ocean from this year's summer hatching.
This study was undertaken to compile data on the occurrence of infectious bacteria from necropsied Kemp's ridleys and loggerheads of the 1984-1996 year-classes.
In a study of 30 ridleys whose sex had been determined by others using a different method, Demas and her colleagues accurately identified the gender of 15 females and 14 males.
HARD TIMES Ridleys is leaving Corbridge but continuing at Acomb.
Ridley Park in Blyth became a century old this week.
Retired businessman Simon Band, 66, cut off the supply which runs through his property in Slaley, Northumberland and on into two nearby fields owned by local farmer Stuart Ridley.