rider's leg

rid·er's leg

a strain of the adductor muscles of the thigh.
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References in classic literature ?
When directly beneath him, not twenty feet distant, he saw the dog leap, in its queer silent way, straight up and in to the down-smash of the whip, and sink its teeth in the rider's leg. He saw the dog, with its weight, as it fell back to earth, drag the man half out of the saddle.
"No, I am wounded and the horse is killed." Rook tried to rise on his forelegs but fell back, pinning his rider's leg. Blood was flowing from his head; he struggled but could not rise.
Just then the famous Scarecrow of Oz came around the bend in the road, riding astride a wooden Sawhorse which was so small that its rider's legs nearly touched the ground.
There is literally no heat dissipated towards the rider and this keeps the rider's leg cool.
He clamped onto his rider's leg and thrashed him around a bit.
The PS16,000 devices are computerdriven riding simulators which respond to the rider's leg and hand movements.
But there was nothing for William to worry about, she was merely impressed by a rodeo bull rider's leg wear.
At the show, La Martina's range of professional polo products includes the knee pads, which are especially designed to protect the knees and prevent the rider's leg from slipping.
Among them are increased co-ordination of horse and rider, strength through the shoulders and hindquarters, greater attentiveness to the rider's leg cues, increased attention span and a higher degree of overall body control.
He's scared of lots of things, actually, and he broke his rider's leg once when he spooked in the fog on the gallops - she came off and he trod all over her." Nigel's Lad was a gift horse for Howell
This helps keep the rider's legs cool, dry and comfortable (even when next to a hot motorcycle engine).