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Relating to or suffering from rickets (rachitis).
Synonym(s): rickety


adj. ricket·ier, ricket·iest
1. Likely to break or fall apart; shaky.
2. Feeble with age; infirm.
3. Of, having, or resembling rickets.

rick′et·i·ness n.
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Then they have to risk their lives on rickety boats.
Rickety, perhaps even Heath Robinson but it's something to go on.
He was really determined that he was going to get Rickety Bridge and would have gone on if he had to.
Hundreds of asylum seekers from around the world have died in recent years trying to make the treacherous sea crossing from Indonesia to Australia on rickety, wooden boats.
THE world's most wanted man watches broadcasts of himself from a tiny television perched on top a rickety old desk cluttered with wires in these images of Osama Bin Laden released by the US.
As part of his job, he'll have to slowly push a rickety trolley down an aisle.
Walkers no longer have to climb over rickety old stiles Commonwood was an area where, from the early 14th Century onwards, villagers could graze their livestock and collect firewood.
Thirty bodies have been recovered since a rickety boat packed with Iraqi, Iranian and Kurdish asylum seekers smashed into the rocks on Christmas Island last week and broke apart in stormy seas.
I remember your eyes," she writes, "the bluest of acid baths/box of ribs balanced on a rickety spine/pale like those deep sea fish not evolved for light.
Nothing beats an old rickety ride because it has history and character.
Here a pole leans to its rickety right, joining the poles it passes wires to like a man at the end of a bucket brigade.