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Relating to or suffering from rickets (rachitis).
Synonym(s): rickety
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adj. ricket·ier, ricket·iest
1. Likely to break or fall apart; shaky.
2. Feeble with age; infirm.
3. Of, having, or resembling rickets.

rick′et·i·ness n.
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Proprietors of private schools in the district have, therefore, been warned to put their rickety school buses in order before schools resume in January.
"Then they have to risk their lives on rickety boats.
He was really determined that he was going to get Rickety Bridge and would have gone on if he had to.
Some 823 migrants were picked up on Thursday and another 233 were rescued on Wednesday as part of a major ongoing search and rescue operation to save the lives of thousands of immigrants heading for Europe in overcrowded and rickety boats, the navy said.
Of these, hundreds die every year as they make the journey on rickety, ramshackle boats.
The dilemmas and suspicions of economic experts on an objective project such as the budget increase when we take into considerations that many parameters are worsened this year while the global economy is still on rickety footing.
Migrants escaping poverty or persecution often die on the perilous journey from North Africa to Europe aboard rickety boats.
The deadly melee broke out in North Sumatra province, where more than 100 Rohingya migrants most intercepted off Indonesia's coast in rickety boats and 11 illegal fishermen from Myanmar were being held together, said local police chief Endro Kiswanto.
As if, having been weakened by that first fissure in his soft skull, the whole rickety job could come undone at any moment.
It is crazy that judges must now be called in to decide who owns this rickety, rusting structure.
A small, room has been set fool celebs, but if wander through the rickety wardrobe, a magical land behind