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(1) A perennial herb, the seeds of which contain alkaloids, glycosides, mucilage, silica and tannins. Plantains are anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and expectorant.

Chinese medicine
Plantain is used for dysuria, ocular pain, urinary tract infections, poor vision and problems of childbirth.

Herbal medicine
Western herbal medicine, plantains are used internally as bulk laxatives, for bronchitis, cystitis, diarrhoea, fungal infections, haemorrhoids, hepatitis, neuralgias and urinary tract infections, and topically for cuts, stings, bites, tumours and varicose veins. 
(2) Psyllium, see there; Plantago psyllium.


n Latin names:
Plantago lanceolata, Plantago major, Plantago ovata, Plantago psyllium; parts used: husks, leaves, seeds; uses: bulking laxative, cough, urinary conditions, diarrhea, antiinflammatory; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children, carbamazepine, cardiac medications, lithium. Also called
blond plantago, broadleaf plantain, buckhorn, cart tract plant, common plantain, English plantain, flea seed, French psyllium, greater plantain, Indian plantago, lanten, narrowleaf plantago seed, plantain seed, ribwort, ripple grass, snakeweed, Spanish psyllium, tract plant, way-bread, white man's foot, wild plantain, or
wild saso. Please note that this is not the same plantain as the starchy type of banana of the same name. See also psyllium, blonde and psyllium.


two plant species are called by this common name. See plantagovaria.
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Snails in weeds Using a good book, collect weeds, such as water parsnip, wild sorrel, water cress, nettle tips and a little ribwort plantain.