ribosomal DNA

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ribosomal DNA (rDNA),

species of DNA present in ribosomes, where it participates in protein synthesis, rather than in the nucleus.
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ribosomal DNA

n. Abbr. rDNA
Any of various regions of DNA in eukaryotes that are transcribed into precursors of ribosomal RNA.
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ri·bo·so·mal DNA

Species of DNA present in ribosomes, where it participates in protein synthesis, rather than in nucleus.
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The pellet was used as a template for large subunit (LSU) and small subunit (SSU) ribosomal DNA sequence amplification in 25 [mu]L reactions in PCR tubes.
Comparison of fungi within the Gaeumannomyces-phialophora complex by analysis of ribosomal DNA sequence.
A total of 18 DNA sequences with 524 bp from the ribosomal DNA region (ITS-5.8S-ITS) were obtained for 18 fungi isolates, and the results showed nine species identified: Aspergillus versicolor, Fusarium solani (synonym of F.
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Massively parallel genomic sequencing of 16S ribosomal DNA amplicons was applied to survey the gill and intestinal content microbiomes of blue mussels from two locations in southern Barnegat Bay, NJ.
"Our results suggest that off-loading copies of ribosomal DNA could create instability in the genome that makes cells particularly susceptible to chemotherapy with DNA-damaging drugs."
Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) is present in multiple copies of tandem repeats per genome [31], and two noncoding spacers (internal transcribed spacer 1 and 2) divide each transcriptional unit into three subunits: 18S, 5.8S and 28S.
The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region of 26S nuclear ribosomal DNA (rDNA) includes two distinct spacer regions (ITS1 and ITS2) and an intervening 5.8S coding sequence; this ITS has been well characterised in terms of interspecific and intergeneric divergence (Hillis et al., 1991; Baldwin et al., 1995).
In the past, classification and identification of macrofungi using the morphological characteristics, with the advent of biotechnology and its modern application using gene sequence such as ITS markers, LSU nuclear DNA, mitochondrial SSU rDNA sequences, ribosomal DNA locus among the few have been extensively used for phylogeny analysis.
auris is challenging to identify, requiring specialized methods such as matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight or molecular identification based on sequencing the D1-D2 region of the 28s ribosomal DNA."
They were grouped under two headings: Large-Subunit Ribosomal DNA (lsrDNA), which comprised molecular markers 28S, 5.8S and complete fragment, and Small Subunit Ribosomal DNA (ssrDNA), which comprised molecular markers 18S and complete fragment.