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Optically inactive reduction product of ribose (-CHO at position 1 of ribose reduced to -CH2OH); a component of riboflavin.
Synonym(s): adonitol
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Dioleyl phosphoric acid (DOPA) and L-glutamic acid dioleylester ribitol (L-GADR) were synthesized using already reported methods [17, 21-23].
The overall structure of TA is a chain made of phosphodiester-bound glycerol or ribitol residues hooked through a terminal "linkage unit" on the C6 of the MurNAc residue of a growing PG chain.
They found that there is a shift in sugar levels, especially the appearance of and rapid increase in the sugar alcohol ribitol, a metabolite that has not been extensively studied.
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is a heterocyclic mixture derived from an isoallosazine molecule linked with a ribitol chain that is required in many cellular processes.
Repeated analyses of urine and plasma showed marked increases in the polyols d-arabitol, ribitol, and erythritol.