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Optically inactive reduction product of ribose (-CHO at position 1 of ribose reduced to -CH2OH); a component of riboflavin.
Synonym(s): adonitol
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Kombine asi ile primer asi uygulamalari sonrasinda difteri, tetanoz ve bogmacaya karsi gelisen antikor yanitlari ile DaBT ve Hib asisinin ayri uygulamalari sonrasinda gelisen yanitlar arasinda fark saptanmazken, Hib'ye karsi anti-poliribozil ribitol fosfat (PRP) yaniti kombine asi uygulananlarda daha dusuk bulunmustur.
Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is a heterocyclic mixture derived from an isoallosazine molecule linked with a ribitol chain that is required in many cellular processes.
In addition, we described a patient with a leukoencephalopathy and increased concentrations of the polyols d-arabitol and ribitol in brain and body fluids (2).