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plastic surgery for the removal of wrinkles, done to make an aging face look younger. When done with skill, it can be moderately successful. However, the changes are not permanent, and the patient may in time feel the need for another operation. The usual procedure is to open skin flaps in the region around the ears and to undermine the skin of the cheeks and jaws. Now this can be done with incisions adjacent to or within the hairline so that the scars are not noticeable. The area of the eyelids and eyebrows may also be operated on in association with the primary operation. Called also rhytidoplasty, and popularly known as a face-lift.


Literally, excision of wrinkles. Usually used to designate rejuvenative surgery of the cheeks and neck performed by tightening the facial supporting structures and excising excess skin; face-lift.
[G. rhytis (rhytid-), a wrinkle]


Elimination of wrinkles from, or reshaping of, the face by excising any excess skin and tightening the remainder; the so-called face-lift.
Synonym(s): rhytidoplasty.
[G. rhytis (rhytid-), a wrinkle]