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a chemical element, atomic number 45, atomic weight 102.905, symbol Rh. (See Appendix 6.)
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rho·di·um (Rh),

A metallic element, atomic no. 45, atomic wt. 102.90550.
[Mod. L. fr. G. rhodon, a rose]
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A metallic element, atomic no. 45, atomic wt. 102.90550.
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"Rhodium is a very small market, once its fundamentals change, there's limited above ground stocks to meet demand," Kavalis said by phone.
"Combining the Rhodium Incident Management Suite with Nomad's connected mobile command vehicles delivers a complete incident management capability to end users in a way we have not yet seen in the industry."
It was mentioned in the report that Rhodium price is hovering around $1,940 per ounce at the moment, which has dropped from $2,040 a month ago.
"Rather regrettably, the very high cost of gold and rhodium today means that this design would retail at $1,500, so it is not really an option.
* For the element rhodium the secant becomes a tangent and also becomes the virtual axis of adjacent hyperbolas.
Important positive feature in EBM is preservation to a significant degree of rhodium content in the alloy and its rather homogeneous distribution in the ingot (Table 2).
The price of rhodium should benefit from the tightness of the market, continuing its recent trend upward to again challenge its cyclical high of $6,300 per ounce set in May of 2006, with a longer-term potential to top record highs of above $7,200 an ounce later in 2007.
Also of note is Hole M-07-239, which has a 1.9-metre interval grading 67.4 grams per tonne palladium, 39.1 grams per tonne platinum, 1.04 grams per tonne rhodium and 0.76 grams per tonne gold.
The company invested pounds 6.5 million to speculatively build two new state-of-the-art buildings - Rhodium and Tungsten - just off junction four of the M42.
Evans (chemistry, Indiana University) assembles an internationally renowned team of contributors to present the latest work on the use of rhodium to catalyze synthetic transformations.
has been granted a patent for a color effect material that is comprised of a platelet-shaped substrate sequentially encapsulated with a first layer which is highly reflective to light directed thereon and which is selected from the group consisting of silver, gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, iridium and alloys.