A dihydroporphyrin derivative (the two additional hydrogens being at positions 17 and 18) of the type found in chlorophyll b and with a formyl group on position 7 rather than a methyl group.
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Habitat fragmentation, illegal trafficking, and hunting currently pose a great threat to the continued existence and livelihood of Neotropical freshwater-turtles (Rhodin et al., 2011; Paez, Morales-B, Lasso, Castano, & Bock, 2012).
The new Syncsort Board of Directors includes 30-year IBM executive and recent IBM Watson leader Mike Rhodin, former Syncsort CEO Lonne Jaffe, and Syncsort Chief Executive Officer Josh Rogers.
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Michael Rhodin, who launched the Watson business and drove the formation of Watson Health and Watson IoT, will now lead Watson Business Development.
"Since introducing the Watson development platform, thousands of people have used these technologies in new and inventive ways, and many have done so without extensive experience as a coder or data scientist," said Mike Rhodin, senior vice president, IBM Watson.