rhodamine B

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rho·da·mine B

(rō'dă-mēn, -min), [C.I. 45170]
A fluorescent red basic xanthene dye, tetraethylrhodamine chloride, used in histology as a contrasting stain to methylene blue and methyl green, and as a vital fluorochrome.
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All the teeth were then suspended upright in airtight containers containing 3ml of 0.2% Rhodamine B dye (BDH Prolabo, Leuven Belgium) and were kept in an incubator at 37 C for 1 week.
The Health Ministry's findings follow an announcement by the Economy Ministry in November that it had been taking samples of pickled turnips from the Lebanese consumer market to check whether they contained the carcinogen Rhodamine B.
Among the studied dyes, only Sudan Black B and Rhodamine B showed differences between the oleaginous and non-oleaginous yeasts.
Shi, "A new fluorescent rhodamine B derivative as an "off-on" chemosensor for [Cu.sup.2+]with high selectivity and sensitivity," Analytical Methods, vol.
For each degradation test, 15 mg of the photocatalyst were dispersed in 75 mL of a 7mM water solution of Rhodamine B and stirred in the dark for 30 min to establish an adsorption-desorption equilibrium.
Aqueous solution of Rhodamine B (2 x [10.sup.-4] was prepared with 0.01 g of Rhodamine B in a flask balloon.
The harmful material such as chloroform and acetaldehyde can be mineralized to CO2 [10] by Bi2WO6 under visible light, besides, acetaldehyde [11], Rhodamine B [12], methylene blue [13], etc.
The men are accused of failing to comply with European food regulations by placing on the market sweet products rasgulla and coconut burfi (pictured) containing prohibited additive Rhodamine B. They also face charges of failing to establish the traceability of the rosepink coloured powder containing the additive and failing to identify the person who supplied it.
A dye-sensitized solar cellbased on polyaniline base (EB), single-walled carbon nanotubes, organic dyes (rhodamine B and/or riboflavin), zinc oxide (ZnO), and indium tin oxide (ITO) was successfully fabricated in our previous work [13].
Rhodamine B, ([+ or -])-verapamil hydrochloride, and quinidine were purchased from Sigma Chemical Company (St.
Rhodamine B appears green in powder form but when added to water turns a vivid fluorescent pink.