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Relating to the rhinoscope or to rhinoscopy.
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Relating to the rhinoscope or to rhinoscopy.
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Examination of nasal passages. rhinoscopic (rī″nō-skŏp′ĭk), adjective

anterior rhinoscopy

Examination through the anterior nares.

posterior rhinoscopy

Examination through the posterior nares, usually with a small mirror in the nasopharynx.
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Thank you for your letter regarding the June Rhinoscopic Clinic, "Endoscopic view of an ethmoid mucocele in a pediatric patient." Your observations are astute and quite correct.
Imaging is most helpful when inflamed soft tissue or a mass limits rhinoscopic visualization.
In light of these and other findings on anterior rhinoscopic and endoscopic examinations, we initially suspected nasal tumors.
With which of the following statements would Mirante et al (Rhinoscopic Clinic) disagree?
Sources cited by Yanagisawa et al in this month's Rhinoscopic Clinic state that antrochoanal polyps account for what percentage of all nasal polyps?
Which of the following is not named by Mercado and Goldberg (Rhinoscopic Clinic) as a consequence of the impaction of a foreign body in the nasal cavity?
In what year, according to Christmas et al (Rhinoscopic Clinic), was the Onodi cell first described?
Christmas et al (Rhinoscopic Clinic) state that pneumatization most commonly occurs in the inferior nasal turbinate.
Which of the following, according to Christmas et al (Rhinoscopic Clinic), is the smallest of all nasal turbinates?