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Compared with rhinologic patients without CRS, a statistically significant higher prevalence of sinonasal H.
There are a number of in vitro studies published in the literature that aim to apply tissue engineering techniques to rhinologic surgical procedures.
Dr Kim said: 'CRS is one of the common rhinologic diseases and, despite receiving optimal medical and surgical treatment, some patients with CRS have repeated, persistent symptoms, which have made this condition challenging to manage.
In conjunction, the results of this trial were presented at the American Rhinologic Society Annual Meeting in October 2018.
Hundred and seventy patients (aged, 18-65 years) with American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) I-II status requiring general anaesthesia with endotracheal intubation undergoing otologic and rhinologic surgery were enrolled.
Previous presentation: The information in this article has been edited for publication and updated as necessary from its original form as a podium presentation at the 26th Congress of the European Rhinologic Society in conjunction with the 35th Congress of the International Society of Infection and Allergy in the Nose and the 17th Congress of the International Rhinologic Society; July 3-7, 2016; Stockholm.
According to the American Rhinologic Society, CSF leaks become noticeable "when there is clear drainage from the nose or into the back of the throat that may occur with straining or position changes and does not improve with medications aimed at other causes of a 'runny nose.' If it drains out of the nose, it is usually from one side.
The other control group was a negative control consisting of 25 healthy adults with neither rhinologic nor otologic symptoms or signs (control group).
This difference was observed in all domains, although higher scores among HIV groups were driven by sleep and psychological symptoms more than rhinologic or ear and facial symptoms.
To our knowledge, the present study is the first case control study to investigate the effects of music on pain perception during office-based rhinologic surgical procedures with awake patient.
The questions are combined into blocks evaluating the most important syndromal characteristics that determine the quality of life of patients with rhinosinusitis: rhinologic, ear/facial, sleep function, and psychological function [37].
Patients were recruited in the Rhinologic Outpatient Clinic of the 1st Otorhinolaryngology Unit (Pisa University Hospital) in a period between January 2013 and July 2014.