rheumatism of the heart

rheu·ma·tism of the heart

rheumatic cardiac valvular disease, most often of the mitral and aortic valves.
References in classic literature ?
And in three days he was dead--pneumonia, rheumatism of the heart, and heaven knew what else--at the end screaming in agony that could be heard a block away.
in September, he was stricken with rheumatism of the heart and lived for three days.
Here are just a few: Drowned in Little Manatee River, Scalded to Death, Fell Overboard, Accidental Discharge of Gun, Kick of Horse (after 40 Spasms), Yellow Fever, Croup, Rheumatism of the Heart, Hanged, Stricken with Paralysis, Died from Having Four Toes Amputated, Malarial Fever, Consumption, The Effects of a Sting of a Stingray, Diphtheria, Congestive Chill, A Dose of "Rough on Rats," Burns Sustained from Lighting a Fire with Kerosene.