rhesus factor

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Rhe·sus fac·tor

see Blood Groups Appendix.Synonym(s): Rh factor

Rhesus factor

Rh factor.

Rh fac·tor

A protein substance present in the red blood cells of most people (85%), capable of inducing intense antigenic reactions. A person who has the protein substance is calledRh-positive and a person who does not have the protein substance is called Rh-negative. Under ordinary circumstances, the presence or lack of the Rh factor has no bearing on life or health, except when the positive and negative forms commingle. The Rh factor was first identified in the blood of the rhesus monkey in 1940.
Synonym(s): Rh blood group, Rhesus factor.

rhesus factor

Rh factor. A group of antigens occurring on red blood cells in a proportion of people, the most important of which was first found in a rhesus monkey. The gene locus for the Rh factor is on one end of the long arm of chromosome 1. See RHESUS FACTOR DISEASE.

Rh (rhesus) factor

An antigen present in the red blood cells of 85% of humans. A person with Rh factor is Rh positive (Rh+); a person without it is Rh negative (Rh-). The Rh factor was first identified in the blood of a rhesus monkey.
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The injection contains antibodies to Rhesus factor, which destroy any of the baby's blood cells that may have entered the woman before they have a chance to sensitise her.
So, regardless of your blood type or rhesus factor, as soon as you donate your kidney you will receive the money from the association treasury.