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Generic name for Macaca mulatta.
[Mod. L., fr. L. Rhesus, G. Rhesos, a mythical king of Thrace]
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Tsoliklon anti-e super for the determination of the antigen e of the rhesus system
Human provisioning and feeding of rhesus macaques by people for religious sentiments have habituated these animals.
Preexposure serum samples collected from rhesus macaques at -28 DPI and from cynomolgus macaques at -20 DPI showed no neutralization activity for Zika virus, indicating that these animals were not previously exposed to the virus.
About 80 to 90 percent of adult rhesus macaques carry the Herpes B virus that can cause meningoencephalitis in humans and potentially be fatal, according to the CDC.
Besides, our study recruited local rhesus macaques that were originally from the Northeast part of China, which was geographically different from the rhesus macaques involved in the atlas.
The only HIV envelopes that would allow SHIVs to infect rhesus monkeys were those that were adapted in artificial ways to bind to the rhesus CD4 molecule, the primary receptor for HIV.
Despite all the attention on his STOP staring, it's driving me bananas all eyes are on this rhesus macaque monkey after he unpacks his lunch box.
The objective of the present study was to know the relative frequency of ABO blood types and Rhesus D phenotype from urban and rural areas of district Sialkot of Punjab and to compare it with studies reported from other regions of Pakistan.
Rhesus macaques (Photo by Einar Fredriksen via Wikimedia Commons)
In a previous study, Overman and Doty (1982) failed to find these attentional biases in humans when looking at rhesus monkey faces.
Fortunately, newly published results from the University of Wisconsin's (UW) long-term study of calorie restriction in rhesus monkeys are very promising.