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A specialist in rheology.
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The rheologist examines the same system as before, but he would like to consider viscous dissipation in his analysis.
The RHEA software is a user-friendly analysis package that has been specifically developed for rheologists who require rapid and easy-to-use visco-elastic analysis procedures.
Dough rheologists tell us that even though the properties of biscuit, pastry and bread doughs vary greatly, they are trying to gain a common fundamental understanding of how the processes work.
Early stages of this work began with us asking ourselves, "What do relative viscosity and relative shear rate really mean?" The relative shear rate is defined as 1 / fill time, which results in units of l/sec, the same units used by rheologists for describing shear rates.
rheologists. computer scientists and statisticians.
The instrument is capable of a large range of fully defined rheological tests; fully customizable test procedures, allowing rheologists to carry out advanced tests of their own design; step-by-step guided testing for the less experienced operator; simulation for teaching the fundamentals of rheology and the workings of the rheometer; advanced equilibrium determination, allowing the testing of very difficult materials; and self-calibration and automatic zero offsetting of pressures and temperatures to give very high confidence in the absolute values obtained.
Thus, searching and constructing new constitutive equations or models that are suitable to apply in polymer processing have been one of the hot points and focal points for rheologists and polymer processing engineers.
With the acquisition of Rheometric Scientific, we now offer the advanced ARES rheometers, the choice of most leading polymer rheologists for characterization of solids and melts.
[2.] Private communications with mold makers, Dow Corning rheologists and injection molding press manufacturers.
This function is also widely used by rheologists to normalize ([[eta].sub.E.sup.+] ([epsilon], t) and to reveal the degree of strain hardening of a polymer, which is a nonlinear viscoelastic characteristic.