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a chemical element, atomic number 75, atomic weight 186.2, symbol Re. (See Appendix 6.)

rhe·ni·um (Re),

A metallic element of the platinum group; atomic wt. 186.207, atomic no. 75.
[Mod. L., fr. L. Rhenus, Rhine river]


A metallic element of the platinum group; atomic wt. 186.207, atomic no. 75.
[Mod. L., fr. L. Rhenus, Rhine river]
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This labelling procedure was based on the preliminary preparation of the highly lipophilic complex bis(diethyldithiocarbamato) nitrido [[sup.188]Re] rhenium ([sup.188]ReN-DEDC) carried out using a two-vial, freezedried kit formulation.
In the vicinity of the surface there were carbide phases of the type [Me.sub.6]C based on tungsten and rhenium with a particle size of up to 1 [micro]m (Fig.
The company has reported that the Merlin mineralised zone is a high-grade body of molybdenum (Mo) and rhenium (Re) sulphide mineralisation starting at a depth of about 100m and extending down dip for over 400m, with an indicated strike length of up to 900m.
The geochemistry of rhenium and osmium in recent sediments from the Black Sea // Geochim.
The formation of colored complexes of rhenium (V) was the basis for proposing the spectrophotometric method of determining rhenium in its oxidation state of (V).
Russian scientists are planning to trap gases containing the rare metal rhenium on volcanic Etorofu Island, one of Russian-held islands claimed by Japan, the British science magazine New Scientist reported in its latest edition.
Henry Cecil's charge, ridden by Richard Quinn, was sent off a well-backed favourite and defeated Premier Pas with Rhenium third.
Aristotle was relegated to third and Rhenium, who was awarded the race, went on to finish third to O'Brien's Ciro in the Prix Lupin three weeks ago.
The Aidan O'Brien-trained colt came home two lengths clear of Rhenium but was demoted by the Stewards for interfering with Boutron early in the straight.
(1925) Germany: Scientists report the discovery of two new elements, masurium and rhenium.
The Japanese patent is the counterpart of an already issued United States patent covering the company's basic method of attaching technetium and rhenium isotopes to proteins including disease-targeting antibody fragments.